Designated UF Courses in Hydrologic Sciences:

The designated courses will include the graduate-level courses that are listed and categorized below. Be sure to check the frequency of when courses are offered as many courses are only taught in alternate years. Please check with the department offering each course to determine whether it is taught by distance education.

Topic 1: Subsurface Hydrology

Course Name
ABE6265 Vadose Zone Modeling
CWR5125 Groundwater I
CWR5127 Evaluation of Groundwater Quality
CWR6525 Groundwater II
CWR6537 Contaminant Subsurface Hydrology
ENV6052 Immiscible Fluids in Porous Media
GLY5247 Surface water-Groundwater Interactions
GLY5827 Groundwater Geology
SWS5605C Environmental Soil Physics

Topic 2: Surface Hydrology
Course Name
ABE6254 Simulation of Agricultural Watersheds
CGN6905 Special Problems in Civil Engineering (Urban Stormwater System Design)
CWR5235 Open Channel Hydraulics
CWR6115 Surface Hydrology
ENV6508 Wetland Hydrology
ENV6932 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering (Advanced Environmental Hydrology I)
ENV6932 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering (Storm-water control Systems)
EOC6196 Littoral Processes
GEO6282 Fluvial Morphology and Processes
OCP6050 Physical Oceanography
OCP6295 Estuarine and Shelf Hydrodynamics I
SWS6932 Topics in Soils (Landscape Hydrology)

Topic 3: Hydrologic Chemistry

Course Name
ABE6266 Nanotechnology in Water Research
EES5245 Water Quality Analysis
EES6208 Principles of Water Chemsitry I
EES6209 Principles of Water Chemistry II
GLY5245 Hydrogeochemistry
SWS5406 Soil and Water Chemistry
SWS5424C Soil Chemical Analysis
SWS6262 Soil Contamination and Remediation
SWS6448 Biogeochemistry of Wetlands and Aquatic Systems

Topic 4: Hydrologic Ecology

Course Name
BOT5695C Ecosystems of Florida
EES5305C Ecology and General Systems
EES5307 Ecological Engineering
EES6308C Wetland Ecology
EES6356 Estuarine Systems
ENV6932 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering (Wetland Restoration and Management)
FAS5203C Biology of Fishes
FAS5276C Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms
FAS6154 Aquatic Invertebrate Ecological Physiology
FAS6171 Applied Phycology
FNR6564 Ecohydrology
PCB5307C Limnology
SWS5248 Wetlands and Water Quality
SWS5308 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens

Topic 5: Hydrologic Analysis & Techniques

Course Name
ABE5646 Biological and Agricultural Systems Simulation
ABE5707C Agricultural Waste Management
ABE6035 Advanced Remote Sensing: Science and Sensors
ABE6037C Remote Sensing in Hydrology
ABE6252 Advanced Soil and Water Management Engineering
ABE6933 Special Topics in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Data Diagnostics)
CWR6126 Variable-Density Groundwater Flow
CWR6536 Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology
EES6026C Environmental System Dynamics
ENV5518 Field Methods in Environmental Hydrology
ENV6511 Biological Wastewater Treatment
ENV6932 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering (Wetland Treatment Systems)
EOC6850 Numerical Simulation Techniques in Coastal and Ocean Engineering
GIS5306 Geographic Information Systems Applications in Environmental Systems
GLY6826 Hydrogeologic Modeling
MET6752 Atmospheric Data Analysis
OCP6168 Data Analysis Techniques for Coastal and Ocean Engineers
SWS5721 GIS in Land Resource Management

Topic 6: Hydrologic Policy & Management

Course Name
AEB6453 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
EES5415 Environmental Health
EES6051 Advanced Environmental Planning and Design
ENV5075 Environmental Policy
ENV6441 Water Resources Planning and Management
ENV6932 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering (Ecosystems of South Florida)
FOR6934 Topics in Forest Resources and Conservation (Natural Resource Policy and Economics)
GEO6348 Floods Seminar
LAA6382 Ecological and Environmental Policy
LAW 6930 Wetlands and Watersheds: Science, Law and Policy
LAW 6930 Conservation Clinic
LAW6930 Water Law
SWS5235 South Florida Ecosystems
SWS5246 Water Resource Sustainability
URP6421 Environmental Impact Statements
URP6429 Natural Resources Planning and Management
WIS6934 Ecosystems of South Florida