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   Upcoming Seminar Water Institute Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series

Dr. Masaki Hyashi
Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer for 2018, Professor & Canada Research Chair in Physical Hydrology
Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary, Canada

"Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World"

4:00 PM  - 5:00 PM
Chamber, J. Wayne Reitz Union

The UF academic concentration for graduate studies in Hydrologic Sciences is a unique interdisciplinary teaching program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering students who are interested in all aspects of water; i.e., occurrence and quantity, distribution, circulation, quality, and management/policy use on and in earth. The academic concentration in Hydrologic Sciences emphasizes broad and rigorous training in a wide range of areas of expertise.

The program requirements were developed in recognition of the diversity in academic backgrounds and the professional goals of the students. Thus, flexibility in selection of courses is an essential feature of the program, allowing students to develop individualized academic plans of study in order to meet the overall goals and objectives of the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration and those of their own degree programs

Hydrologic science deals with the occurrence, distribution, circulation, and properties of water on the earth. It is clearly a multidisciplinary science, as water is important to and affected by physical, chemical, and biological processes within all compartments of the earth system: the atmosphere, glaciers and ice sheets, solid earth, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

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