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About the Concentration

The Hydrologic Sciences Academic Concentration (HSAC) is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering graduate students who are interested in all aspects of water; i.e., occurrence, distribution, circulation, and use on and in earth. The hydrologic sciences deal with all issues pertinent to both quantity and quality of water.  The emphasis of the HSAC is training students to have a thorough understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of hydrologic processes occurring at a broad range of spatial and temporal scales, as well as on developing skills in hydrologic management and policy based on a strong background in natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and law. The HSAC  emphasizes broad training, but not at the expense of rigor in specific areas of expertise.

Because of the geophysical ubiquity of water and its significance in all aspects of life, research and education programs in hydrologic sciences  involve the cooperative efforts of various natural science disciplines, engineering disciplines, social sciences, and law. Thus, faculty from nine departments in four Colleges at the University of Florida participate in the hydrologic sciences concentration.

Participating Departments

  • Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Civil and Coastal Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences
  • Geography
  • Geological Sciences
  • Rinker School of Construction Management
  • School of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Soil and Water Sciences

The Hydrologic Science Academic Concentration is managed by a Coordinating Committee, comprised of seven elected members, ensuring diversity across hydrologic science disciplines and contributing departments.